18th Birthday Present

I’m past trying to remember where
In Petticoat Lane I found you
I wonder if people go there still
To buy leather jackets as we did
When it was a rite of passage
Like buying your first pair of DMs
Back then I rode pillion
And needed protective clothing
Not just for posing at gigs in
Although I painted your back With arcane symbols
So cool and mysterious in 1988
And forgot about that fact
Even when I wore you recently
After breaking my wrist and required
Something waterproof that would fit
Over the green cast on my right arm
For a mystical tour of South London
Where the forgotten chaosphere
Was noted and commented upon

Knitbone at Imbolc

The cast is off
This snake has shed its skin
And won’t be charmed back in

If a plaster cast could be a metaphor
For the past, I will remember
How rigidly it bound me

I cast a spell banishing
Casting on, knitting
Blasting off