My debut poetry pamphlet is published by Hesterglock Press, a wonderful small press based in Bristol.
clew is named after the ball of thread Ariadne gave to Theseus to help him find his way out of the Labyrinth.

"Wildly inventive and multifaceted, Lucy Furlong’s poems crackle with energy, leaping from Camden to Kreuzberg to a dancefloor in Hell… these poems showcase a distinctive, exciting new voice."Jane Yeh; writer and poet

"Furlong’s poems, defiantly desirous, follow their own strong thread, through a smaller europe, into panoramic cupboards, to the secret corners of a dark suburban garden."Penny Goring; artist

£5.00 plus P&P

"These poems are brimful of brio, full of instantly likeable characters from Roxanne, the trainee tattooist, to loud and proud women including a fully reimagined Patti Smith. The work is full of ‘lexical discontent’, a restlessness that results in a compelling set of experiments in form and sound. An undertow of deeply felt loneliness leads to profound meditations like the pair of ‘Perseids poems’. But the overall exuberance is infectious. It takes hold in the inner ear, bringing the reader, as the poem ‘Whirling’ says, to the ‘edge of home’. Read ‘clew’ for a window on our times and a reminder of how poetry remains a resistant art."
Siobhán Campbell; poet

Please see the Hesterglock Press web site for other publications including the highly regarded Boscombe Revolution magazine, and Sarer Scotthorne’s visceral first collection, The Blood House.