Over the Fields

Lucy Furlong, her Dad and her son have been purposefully exploring and experiencing anew their local strip of greenbelt, which sits on the borders of Surrey and Greater London, and is bisected by the River Hogsmill.

Known by generations of the Furlong family as ‘Over the Fields’, it was a recognisably rural reminder of Ireland for Lucy’s paternal grandparents, who arrived in Tolworth from their native Wexford, during the Second World War.

For her dad, Nicholas, it was his and his siblings’ ‘second home’, a place for adventures and escapades, when they were growing up in the 1950s and 1960s; and where Lucy and her sister walked with Gran, and spent time with the rest of their family and friends.


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This new poetry map moves away from the secret urban pockets of Amniotic City, and rambles into an unexpectedly bucolic seam of suburbia. Over the Fields contains deep topographical enchantments and historical treasures, not least among them the stories and memories of a family.

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Work-in-progress for Over the Fields was exhibited at Museum in the Park, Stroud, in Autumn 2014, in the Art of Walking show, part of the centenary celebrations for Laurie Lee. Information on this can be found here:

The Times Literary Supplement review of the Laurie Lee show also mentioned The Art of Walking, and Over the Fields, and can be read here:

“Over the Fields is many things: it is a three-dimensional map, it is a work of art and it is a book of poetry. However, it is much more than the sum of its parts. What it really is is a fluid, textual, psychogeographical journey through the mind of the poet herself and the meaningful bio(geo)graphical spaces she has occupied in her lifetime. Over the Fields is a poignant and immersive journey with Lucy… across time and space.”
– Tina Richardson Author of Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography

“All walking guides should be a little more like Lucy Furlong’s; full of fragments, photographs, poetry and personal enthusiasms that bind together into something universal enough to make you want to linger in that landscape (far beyond the want to get to the other end of the trail) and remain absorbed in the tiny details…picnic, family and fellow walkers forgotten entirely for a little while.”
– Adam Horovitz Poet and author of A Thousand Laurie Lees: The Centenary Celebration of a Man and a Valley

Poetry in motion

A City awash with feeling, topography of the Goddess. History in the cracks, a glimpse of green between the earth and sky still exists through an open door, where X marks the spot for a conversation with Her. The River Fleet runs deep under the City carrying the hopes and dreams of the workers scurrying across its surface, held in the belly of a sleeping female, waiting to be reborn.

AMNIOTIC CITY was written on several wanders around the environs of St Paul’s Cathedral and the Temple, between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice 2011.

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